Friday, June 6, 2008

TechEd Pair Programing Session Overview

Since the session environment was different from our usual, and the audience's agile experience varied greatly (mostly none or little) we decided to allow the audience to ask questions during the presentation. The most successful pairing environments leverage a strong agile environment, so much of our content relies on certain knowledge of other agile practices.

Since we didn't limit questions we ended up covering the first 5 slides and lots of questions in the first 45 minutes of the class.

Not exactly the definition of a breakout session.

This made some people very happy and some people, well, not.

If you enjoyed the session, I'm really happy it helped! I hope you gained some insight you can take back to your team and good luck!

If you didn't, I hope you left early and gained interesting knowledge elsewhere you could take that back to your team and also, good luck :)

Joe White has posted a great summary of everything covered -- thanks Joe!

Most of the questions we answered would have been covered during the lecture, so if you are worried you missed out on some important information, no worries, you just got it in a different order.

Followup to Testing with Mocks

Thanks to everyone who came to the Testing with Mocks TLC session at TechEd.

Here are some links of things we touched on during the class. Please leave a comment if I missed something :)

Test Smells:
TDD Anti Patterns -- Be sure to read the comments, there are some valuable smells there too!

The Art of Unit Testing
Working Effectively with Legacy Code
TDD by Example (Kent Beck's book)

Rhino Mocks:
Ayende (creator of rhino mocks)
Google Group
Reference Guide

Other .NET Testing Frameworks:

Test Runners:


IoC Containers:
Castle MicroKernel/Windsor