Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Little Wunda

I'm proud to say I'm a mom to a beautiful daughter born Saturday, August 16th. I'd like to thank my great birthing team of my husband, Vanessa (his sister) and my doula, Amy. Between them and hypnobabies, I was able to have an incredible birthing experience!

To keep up with the academic nature of this blog -- I'd like to share what I've learned so far in my few days of motherhood (note, I never picked up an infant or changed a diaper before Saturday)

1. Giving birth was the most intense, satisfying and romantic experience of my life
2. Its better to let your dog lick your infant than a person kiss their face
3. There's all kinds of great feelings for your own child you could never imagine
4. Wearing your baby is lots of fun and lets you do something while they're sleeping other than watching them sleep
5. Its still early, but so far I've been sleeping better than I have in the past few weeks (my husband however, is learning the joys of interrupted sleep)
6. Every person you talk to will give advice and everyone has different opinions on the same things (that goes for doctors, nurses, grandparents and strangers)
7. Babies like loud noises, cry before they go to the bathroom, fart louder than you could imagine and produce incredible amounts of poop!
8. If all you do is breastfeed, change diapers and sooth an infant, it can take you days to write a single email
9. In a single day, your entire outlook, appreciation and viewpoint changes completely
10. Every coo, cry, movement, poop and breath from your infant is precious

Although I'm sure I'll have my hands full, hopefully, I'll get to write some of the posts I had been putting off for the last few months while I'm away from work -- I've had a lot of adventures in WPF and TDD I'd love to share!