Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hello from DevTeach

DevTeach is well underway in Montreal and the agile track, has been getting a great turn out. I'm really glad to see an interest in agile; I hope people take something back with them.

While the presentations are good, the best part of any conference is the conversations. DevTeach is no exception.

Session Highlights:
1. JP Boodhoo's sessions on refactoring and enterprise patterns -- JP is an enthusiastic speaker and I like his style. Longer sessions would have been great for both these classes. JP even tolerated all my questions, which takes great patience.
2. Jerry Miller's session on Rules of Agile Design -- I agree with everything he had to say (except calling them laws :P)
3. Scott Bellware's session on Behavioral Driven Development -- do we need to rethink our naming conventions again? I really enjoyed how Scott took us through the evolution of an interesting, but understandable example.

There are a few sessions I would have liked:
1. Analysis Services in Sql Server or something about MDX
2. Introduction to Inversion of Control
3. Commands and Bindings in Xaml
4. The Gentle Art of Pair Programming (the full thing!)

Oksana and I are buying Ayende, the creator of Rhino Mocks, for a beer later, so that should be fun!

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Scott Stonehouse said...

Just want to second your thoughts on SSAS/MDX. That's what I'm most interested in wrapping my head around right now. In our office, we are constantly dumping results into Excel to pivot them - we could be saving a couple of steps.