Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm gonna kill Vista!!!!

So Vista (which by the way I can't seem to remember is not pronounced a la terminator style -- hasta la vista), is most annoying to develop for... At least thus far... It seems that you have more problems the higher security you run in -- so if your application needs admin privileges you are totally screwed!

Those of you who lost your ability to accept drops when running your applications in Vista, you should check out this article.

Also, if you are developing on Vista and you have assemblies that are registered with COM, you need to run VS in admin mode, but beware, if you do this it seems to also debug your applications in admin mode, which causes other problems... So maybe build with one version of vs and debug with another? We haven't found a good system yet and we are trying to get drag/drop to work with a Browser plugin we have, which works sometimes and doesn't other times... I think I'm starting to go off on a tangent in my brain... is it time to go home yet?

Is Vista driving anyone else nuts? I mean, the dialogs alone are really getting to me... I'm not even reading them. Looks pretty though.

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