Monday, March 19, 2007

Depressing blog?

One of my fellow developers told me this blog has been depressing... making them feel that we aren't quite the snazzy agile team.

I understand why they feel that way.

In the spirit of agile, I write openly about our shortcomings. In many companies people are reprimanded or even fired for pointing out issues internally, forget about posting them publicly.

I would not show weakness in our agile group if I were not confident in our teams spirit, devotion, intelligence and adaptability. We all love and appreciate the agile practices and I feel very lucky to work with such a talented group.

Agile is a great tool, but its difficult. It takes effort. Its frustrating. Like anything worth doing, you have to work at it. And like anything you love, sometimes you write about why its so great and sometimes you need to write about why its so difficult.

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Very good post.