Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fairfield/Westchester code camp

I will be at presenting a session on Testing with Mocks at the the Westchester/Fairfield code camp on November 11.

Register here

The session is a shortened version of the tutorial Oksana and I are giving at the Agile Development Practices conference in December.

Hope to see you there!


Todd said...

Hi Wendy!
Thanks for the presentation yesterday! Even though the group seemed a little "sleepy", I, for one, got a lot out of it.

It took me little bit to grab onto the idea that you were adjusting your app architecture in order to make your testing easier. I'm working with a lot of legacy code, so TDD isn't really an option at this point. I'm just trying to fill out a test suite that only has around 15% coverage. :(

Anyway, thanks for giving up your Saturday and hope the drive home was easier!


evan said...

Wendy you should hook up with the If I've heard correctly from Lee, Matt now works with the organizers of it. Dan's a good guy and I'm sure your talks would have a great impact.