Saturday, April 5, 2008

Where I'm going, where I've been

I'll start with the where I've been:

After NBC took over Oxygen, our lovely, little agile group got a bit... lost. We lost our product owners and inspiration and little by little, we found other opportunities and now, there is no more group.

Next, I went on to an agile coaching role. While bad experiences can inspire the best writing, this was not the case. I decided to resign quickly.

That leads me to my next bit of news -- I am 20 weeks pregnant. I want to spend every week before embarking on motherhood on a worthwhile and fun adventure!

So, where am I now?

I am consulting in NYC on a motivated and talented team working on WPF applications. Its great to be back in this space!

Where am I going?

No idea. From what I hear, into sleepless nights! I plan on working after the baby, but nothing is official at the moment and I'm happy that way.

What about the hot agilistas?

No worries! Oksana and I will still be at TechEd in June. Pregnant women are hot too! Seriously, 7 months pregnant in June in Florida! Who plans that?


hammett said...

Fantastic! Congrats to both of you!

And you sure should write about the bad experiences as an agile coach.

Sharon said...

Hearty congratulations!

Pregnant women in June in Florida may be hot, but developer/gamer chix are cool, so maybe the two will balance out and keep you comfortable. Good luck. =)

Kent Boogaart said...

Wow, congrats! Pregnant women are hot too? I'd say hotter ;)

Christopher Bennage said...


Kyra said...

From what I hear, when you're pregnant you lose sleep, but gain glossy hair, great skin and big boobs. whee! (oh and an adorable little child at the end of it, but who's counting). ;)
I'm sure even through motherhood, the call of coding will get to you! It's like a siren!

Jamie said...