Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 Months Later...


Babies are challenging... Giving birth was easier... Forget about the note I was sleeping better after Kaylee was born, that didn't last long!

Ah, but the human condition. We adapt. Disrupted sleep included.

Now that I've adapted, I'm consulting again.

Apparently, I really, really like to code AND its much, much easier than being a mommy! Not quite the same ROI...

Since I do most of my work from home, I get the best of both. I'm quite lucky.

I'm with the same company and working with lots of WPF and TDD. We just started using the Isolator AAA from typemock, which looks nice. I know Roy was very involved with its creation and I usually agree with all his testing methodologies :)

My heart is still with rhinomocks, but hopefully I'll find a place for typemock too!

And being a mom, I have to include some newer pics of my lovely daughter!


Kent Boogaart said...

Welcome back! Was just wondering about your state of affairs yesterday.

Have you tried Moq? Despite using Rhino Mocks for quite some time, I fell in love with it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to mommy!

wunda said...


I've read about Moq, but haven't gotten a chance to try it. Always good to hear someone enjoying a mock framework though!