Monday, August 17, 2009

Talk about rare

The morning has been hectic. First, I went to the ENT who did my surgery (and found my lovely growth) to remove the packing in my nose -- 6 feet of guaze!! I feel about 100x better!

My husband, Matt, and I went to breakfast and mid coffee found out I have embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. A rare childhood cancer. Weird, right?

Living in New York, I am lucky to be close to Sloan Kettering hospital and thankfully they have an oncologist who specializes in this cancer. He happens to be a pediatric oncologist but I'm a little woman, so I should feel at home with the kid size chairs :P

Matt is dropping off the pathology today, and hopefully by my appointment on Wednesday we'll have a plan of action.


alberto said...

Live strong, Wunda.

Dianne Smith said...

I hope it feels better to know something and hopefully after Wednesday - you'll know how to beat it!



Dianne Smith said...

I've been thinking about you all day. After Wednesday's appointment, you'll know how to beat this!



Artiebob (Mat) said...

This is one of the blogs I love to follow. You're very good at writing what I've always wanted to express. In a different world I would love to be a part of your programming team.

It was hard to hear the news. Rhabdomyosarcoma, wtf? I had never heard of it. (how does someone invent these words?)
I wish you the best of luck in these hard times.

hammett said...

Wendy, please keep us posted. If not through your blog or twitter, some other way. Please!

Jenni said...

I went through something similar and all together different last year. Writing about it on my blog helped me an enormous deal, if even to allow other people gather information for their own struggles.
In any case, keep writing. It will help you clear your head, and it will allow people to stay connected to what you're going through without you having to repeat it day and night on the phone.
Much love-
A friend of Daniel's,