Friday, May 18, 2007

Hot Agilista Update

Hot Agilista #2 (that's me) is in her hotel room writing a blog entry. Meanwhile Hot Agilista #1 (thats Oksana) packs her things for the journey home.

Things I learned at devteach:
  • Oksana and I are Boffers, not Speakers
  • Ayende's mind never stops. Its not surprising, but its been great to spend so much time with him here. He could probably fill a book
  • Scott Bellware likes to torture people by taking them to questionable restaurants.
  • JP Boodhoo is very disciplined and plays Gears of War!
  • ActiveNick and I are going to have fun playing Gears of War with JP!
  • Oksana rocks (I already knew that, but its still true)
  • Carl Franklin is quite the musician
  • Udi Dahan is surprisingly easy to talk to
  • Beth Massi is very cool
  • Roy Osherove is very funny.

PS although not documented by our paparazzi, our BoF was everyone's devteach highlight!


Udi Dahan said...

"Surprisingly" ?!

D'Arcy from Winnipeg said...

C'mon now, you could have at least given a nod to Donald since he coined the term "Hot Agilista"


wunda said...


You're tall and serious -- I'm petite and ridiculous. I won't expose any more with this comment!