Thursday, May 17, 2007

Xbox back online

Someone mentioned today that my xbox was broken and I realized I needed to post about my gaming activity.

An update:

As of two weeks ago it was fixed and until I left for DevTeach I was spending most of my time playing Guitar Hero. What a great game!!

I was so proud of myself for getting through medium with mostly 5 stars (still have a few to go), I decided to try hard... and well, it was freakin' hard!

Much to my surprise I was able to beat several songs. My energy was high and my pride was higher.

Then it happened... Woman on Hard... WTF.

I tried to practice, but those pull offs totally kill me... and even when I get past the initial crazy part, that solo??? Really, they did that to knock you down a bit, let you know hard is hard...

When I get home, I'll return to medium until I have all 5 stars, then I'll try hard again.

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