Friday, April 8, 2011

Upcoming birthday

This time last year I was preparing for unexpected surgery to remove what remained of the tumor in my sinuses.

My imagination was spinning with terror. This was not the plan.

The surgery was on April 13th and went very well. I was released the day before my 30th birthday.

Not quite the celebration I imagined.

The surgery went very well. I had very little pain and was released the next day.

I was officially cancer free, yet it would be months before they could tell if the surgery was successful.

Any sense of relief alluded me...

Its almost a year later.

I began writing with the intention of expressing gratitude and excitement for the change in my health since my last birthday.

Instead I am finding a deeper appreciation for last year's gift -- my life.

My birthday has become more than a celebration of my birth.


Manuel Rubio said...

hi, i'm 31 years old, and i was birth the same day, april 8th, i hope you feel right, and continue working in agile area, we need people as you!

Thanks for info from your blog!

saurabh sachdeva said...

Hey Wendy,

I am Saurabh, a software developer from India.
I was just reading through some posts about agile development used in game programming etc. And i came across your blog, and was expecting some technical things, but eventually found about your fight with cancer, and i am very happy to know that you are healthy now. My best wishes for your birthday, have lots of fun and i wish you live long and strong.

Good luck,

Saurabh Sachdeva

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! Congratulations and welcome back :-)

Happy living!

webkleets-pp said...

Hi, I don't recall why I googled here but I understand your pain and re-birth. One of my friend went through the same but now she is really stronger and really a radiant light for her friends.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh you are wery beautiful, nothing to do with anything, i know.. But still, made my friday..

Anonymous said...

Sorry... that comment was out of place!!

Dan Le Roy said...

Always good to see a recent post up here. Belated happy birthday!

bbr said...

Unusual place to be affected, do you have any suspicion what might have caused it?

E.g. breathing in sawdust or other hazardous materials?

Good to read you're doing 100% better though.

Funny enough, (must like probably martin above) I was googling for an image to demonstrate "agile" to a friend, but instead saw your picture among the results.

A lot of good things can be said, but I'll stay off the needless flattery for now.
It'd be awkward and out of place in such a message.

Just know what we care you are doing ok now :)

Matthew Doucette said...

Wow, this is why blogs are so amazing. They can be so personal. Thank you for sharing...

Jan Harkness said...

Thank you my boyfriend is going through this journey now. I'm so scared I love him so much thank you for sharing your journey.

Jan Harkness said...

Thank you my boyfriend is going through this journey now. I'm so scared I love him so much thank you for sharing your journey.

wendy said...

Good luck Jan. I haven't looked at this post in years. Amazingly enough, my son was born 4 years to the day after this post. May your boyfriend be blessed in strength and health. Much love and light