Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where am I going?

As my body heals there is a voice in my mind.

It started quietly. Just a twitch. A moment that passed quickly and shallow.

No evidence remained of its visit.

Time passed.

Its become more persistent. More loud. More demanding. Lingering.

Etching itself deeper.

The people around me hear it too.

"What about work?" It asks.

In my journey, I've died and been reborn many times.

Each time I am more connected. Less attached. More open.

I have been given the time and space to become myself. To heal. To listen.

This insistence on work persists.

How do I "work" and continue on my path of healing?

Which passions do I share? Which do I keep private?

What gifts do I have to offer? What do I want to receive?

What is it that I am seeking?


mike said...

Do what you love and never look back.

Kyra said...

I think you're an important engineer. You've got the bug because you're good at what you do!
Right now you're busy with getting healthy and staying that way for yourself and your family. I say, give yourself the time you need, but keep that back burner steady, look at the latest articles and stay sharp with some small side projects.
When you're ready to get back in the game, you'll know, and you'll be better for having given yourself time to heal.
Kyra <3