Sunday, February 25, 2007

First Group Ride Outside

26 Miles of Fun!

I learned something new:
My fancy running sneakers that provide excellent air circulation aren't so good for cold weather biking... my feet were like bricks... I didn't fall off the bike, I fell when I got off the bike because my feet were so numb!

Otherwise, I was a little slow, but I finished and it was fun :)

If you didn't already know, I'm training for 2 century rides as a fundraiser for the leukemia and lymphoma society in the memory of my father, who I lost in 2004 to leukemia -- please help my campaign here


Daniel said...

I'm amazed you finished! I did 30+ miles today and even with booties to keep the wind down a bit, my feet were *cold* at some points. Now, my shoes do "clip in" so there's metal cleats and screws expsed to the cold which don't help, and I'm to cheap to buy the little chemical foot warmers designed to help...

How long did it take? Post stats!

wunda said...

It took a lot longer than I was hoping, I think it may have been around 2.5 hours!!! We had a really long break at mile 8 that lasted close to 20 min (why we stopped when we finally warmed up, I'm not sure) :)