Monday, February 19, 2007

losing to a girl

Tonight I played gears with some women; it was the second time I got to play with women since I signed up for gamerchix.

I'm not so good at multi-player gears (I must say I do rock the single player campaign though!), I don't completely suck, but I like to play, laugh and have fun.

Although most of the guys I play with are cool, a lot can't control themselves and eventually say "you sound cute" or ask "are you hot?" Its flattering, but a reminder that even in this faceless video game, I am different.

Being hot isn't so bad, right?

Tonight was different. I was playing with chicks who were kicking ass. The guys we were playing with got mean, and it was different than anything I'd encountered.

They were mad.

Their egos had been bruised.

They had the ultimate insult, they were beaten by a girl.

After a while, we mixed it up and I was on the team with the most outspoken guy.

When we started playing, he said that one of the other girls was an easy kill. I said "Considering its her first time playing, she's doing awesome."

He wasn't expecting that.

At the end of that round, he said "Hey this is your first time, you're doing really well, are you having fun?"

And she was really quiet and shy and said "ummm... yeah..."

When the game started he asked, "Why did she sound like this was the worst experience?"

My reply was simple, "because you're being so mean."

He was very surprised and asked how. I listed the insults he had been spitting for the past 30 minutes... and he said "I didn't say any of that."

But the conversation ended, the round was over.

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Gene DeClark said...

Old post I know and you have other things on your mind, but my two cents:

The guy probably was being mean and probably did say all of that and probably didn't remember saying any of it. It's probably all true. Guys are like that with each other all the time and think nothing of it, and I think playing with faceless people across the internet encourages that all the more. I tease my wife all the time, but if I said the things to her that I said to my friend Steve she'd lock herself in the bathroom. In reality though I'm being no more mean to Steve than I am to Misty. You just don't call a girl (things I'm not going to write on your blog.) But you're buddy? Absolutely. He'll just get you back and then insult your mother to boot. :)

Guys REALLY need to learn to reign it in, I think. Girls who are playing against a guy who starts into this, though, would be best served by hurling insults right back. The meaner, the better.