Sunday, February 18, 2007

Getting all the achievements in Madden 06

Yes, I've done it... I've whored myself... stupid rewards... What I've learned is that I really do not enjoy playing a lot of video games and even with rewards, I still don't. But, I managed to pull myself through and figured I'd help some people out with Madden; its really easy.

Just to start -- you will not get game achievements until the game is completed, so don't get discouraged, they'll be there

Really freakin' easy:
Win the superbowl:
1. From main menu go to franchise mode, start a new franchise
2. Select every team
3. Simulate preseason
4. Simulate regular season
5. Simulate wildcard
6. Simulate superbowl
7. tada -- you won the superbowl!

Look at the history book
1. From the main menu, go to franchise mode
2. Select history book
3. Go to any page
4. tada -- you got an uber lame achievement!

In game achievements:
If you do the following, you will get all the game playing achievements, save win a franchise game Note, this will be the most cheesy video game experience of your life.


a) At any time in the game, check your current status by pressing start, then clicking down on the right thumbstick, then pressing down on the right thumbstick -- this will give you passed and rushed yards. This gives you the activate RS card achievement.

b) Don't bother doing anything special or control players -- just select plays. The only exception is passing -- if you choose who to pass to, you'll complete passes better.

1. From the main menu, start a new regular game, make the quarters 9 minutes long to make sure you have enough time to get all the achievements. I had 5 minutes left in 4th quarter by the time they were done. Choose rookie difficulty.
2. Choose the Colts for your team -- they rock
3. Choose the Browns for your competitors -- they suck -- make sure the computer is driving or it doesn't count
4. Every time you are on defense, choose based on play type, man blitz -- any one, this will get you Four Sacks in One Game and it may take a while. Just keep at it.
5. In the beginning offense, choose based on play type, shotgun passes when you're far from the goal and then switch to quick pass. You will keep getting touch downs, very exciting. Do this until you reach 350 passing yards for the achievement.
6. After you get the 350 yards, now you need to focus on rushing. The colts aren't quite as good at rushing, but I found starting with Counter to get close to a down and getting the down with an inside hand off. worked most of the time. Since I was so far ahead in points, I never kicked on the forth down and just went for it, this worked most of the time. Do this until you reach 200 rushing yards in your stats and then you can spend the rest of the game loafing
7. Thats it, play until the clock runs out and you'll have 480 more achievements when its all done -- Enjoy.

More difficult:
30 Years of Franchise
This one is time consuming and basically you sit around and wait for simulation. You really only get this one if you have 3 hours to waste and an achievement whoring husband. I take full credit for the theory of getting this to work on simulation, but he gets credit for actually doing it...
1. Start a new franchise -- don't use the one from the superbowl -- it won't work for 30 years!!!
2. Select the worst team with the biggest cap -- he went with the Titans, but didn't look through the list that well. If you choose someone like the colts, after a few years, you'll have to start doing some manual labor cause salaries will get too high and it sucks.
3. put on some good music
4. get a laptop, ds, split screen tv, another xbox....
5. Simulate, repeat
6. Yay, you're done

Win a Franchise Game
1. Start a franchise, select the Colts
2. Simulate the franchise week by week until you play the Browns
3. Use coaches pick for defense and offense, but use passing plays for offense, unless you have less than 3 yards, then you can use a rush.
4. This will be a little more tricky cause franchise is Pro mode only

To completely cheese out, you can adjust the AI during the Pro game. Its under the game play settings when you press "start" during the game. Use the right trigger to select between offense and defense and between you and the computer. Bump your attributes up to 100 and the cpus down to 0. This will make you win the game easily -- doesn't matter what plays you use.

Good luck and don't get too bored!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, thanks. That's a great walkthrough. :) I just bought the game to whore myself out Achievement-wise.

Ankith said...
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Brian Childers said...

Thanks for the quick walkthrough. Currently doing the old spice challenge on - this helped me rack up a cool 1k. I really hate the 30 year franchise one. Still working on it - all other achivements are done. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i know this might be a stupid question but how do u do offline mode cause ive tryed everything to get those acivements but i just cant seem to get them

wunda said...

I'm not sure what offline mode is... sorry